Impact Bound For Glory 2018: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

That main event though.

Impact Bound For Glory 2018 Johnny Impact Austin Aries

Bound for Glory is, of course, Impact Wrestling's annual flagship PPV and effectively their answer to WrestleMania, albeit on a much smaller budget and without the same pomp or circumstance.

With those limitations in mind, Impact served up a flawed but relatively entertaining three hour show, which kept bloat minimal even if there were two undeniable stinkers among the eight-match card.

Still, fans got treated to two highly entertaining title matches and an excellent six-man bout which collectively justify the price of admission alone.

It's a shame the lower-stakes matches really weren't up to much for the most part, half the card (!) ended up being tag matches and the main event had such a bizarre finish, but when it worked, the show really worked.

Granted, you had to put up with Josh Matthews and some extremely embarrassing product placement for the show's sponsor, but it was more worth it than not. And in an age where WWE can't put on a well-paced, restrained show to save their lives, this was actually a refreshingly snappy effort...


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