Impact Wrestling BANNED From Twitch After RVD Sex Segment

Steamy Rob Van Dam segment lands Impact in trouble.

Rob Van Dam bongo

Impact Wrestling was banned from the Twitch streaming platform last night, as was brought to our attention by Twitter user @StreamerBans, with a controversial Rob Van Dam segment the likely culprit.

In case you've missed 'The Whole F'n Show's' recent antics, RVD is in full-on IDGAF mode with his new heel character. He and wife Katie Forbes haven't by shy of showing their, ahem, affections for one another as part of this, and this week's Impact saw Forbes' girlfriend Jennifer join them for a celebration.

This video thumbnail speaks for itself:-

With whipped cream, blurred body parts, and a whole bunch of other frolics, it's easy to see how this thing violated Twitch's Terms of Service, which prohibit "nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services."

Such content isn't anything new for this era of Impact, which features Joey Ryan and ex-WCW midcard shagger Johnny Swinger playing prominent roles, though the RVD stuff is the most extreme example yet.

It'll be interesting to see if Impact gets its channel back, or if this results in the toning down of the Van Dam character. Regardless, Impact won't be streaming for at least a little while.

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