Jazz - Yes, Jazz! - Announced For AEW All Out

Jake Roberts in announcement video with former WWE star.

Jazz All Out

AEW dropped a cool-as-cucumber vid on Twitter earlier today to announce the latest name in All Out's 21-woman Casino Battle Royal: none other than former Attitude Era star Jazz.

The trailer opened with Jake Roberts, dressed as a croupier and puffing on a cigarette, holding up his hand and delivering the line, "You wanna play 21? Well I got 22," in reference to his legendarily incoherent Heroes of Wrestling promo some 20 years back.

A masked woman laughed back from across the table, before revealing herself as veteran Jazz, adding: "the b*tch is back."

The 45-year-old spent a brief period in ECW back in 1999, before joining WWE in 2001. She twice claimed the company's Women's Championship, notably defending the strap in a triple threat against Lita and Trish Stratus at WrestleMania X8.

Jazz left the company in 2004 when creative ran out of ideas, but returned as part of the ECW relaunch two years later. She has remained active on the independent scene since her WWE release in 2007, most notably in CHIKARA where she tagged with Mickie James and Victoria.

Jazz will join Teal Piper and ex-Lucha Underground star Ivelisse in the battle royal at All Out on 31 August.

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