Jeff Hardy Admits To Why He's Not Doing His Finisher At WWE Live Events

No Swanton for you!

Jeff Hardy

It's not much of a secret that Jeff Hardy is dealing with injuries. In fact, throughout much of his career, he's been dealing with some form of distress considering his risky in-ring style and propensity to take big bumps. That style and the damage it's done to his body may have caught up to him.

Hardy has been defending his U.S. Championship on SmackDown Live in recent weeks, and over the past few days admitted during an interview with the Canton Repository he's not using his Swanton Bomb finisher at WWE Live Events because he simply can't handle the consistent punishment.

After it was first noticed he was substituting the Swanton Bomb for his Twist of Fate stunner, Hardy confirmed it was because he was suffering from back issues and that have "really been bothering me to the point where I haven’t been doing the Swanton as much in the live events just to protect it."

Hardy added that up to this point in his career, he's been really lucky. He's known for trying extremely dangerous stunts and to date, hasn't been severely injured. He also knows "nothing lasts forever", and that as his body starts to react, he's had to hold back a little more.

Despite the change in style, Hardy still has a few big bumps left in his career. He's sure to go all out this Sunday at WWE's presentation of Extreme Rules, and still on his bucket list is an eventual Hell in a Cell match.

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