Jeff Jarrett Rumoured For The WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018

H A Double L.

Jeff Jarrett WWE

This week in "really weird if true", if not "huge if true", Jeff Jarrett is the latest name hotly rumoured for the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2018.

Before you smash a guitar over somebody's head in anticipation - or attempt to flog them gold - take note that Sportskeeda have spoken with the source in question, PWInsider, who insist that they were misquoted when editorialising.

But then, you would deny the story, wouldn't you?

Forget that there are several more deserving names. Forget that the entire notion of "deserving" is suspect, since the Hall is less a stamp of consensus approval, more an insight into the mind of Vince McMahon and Vince McMahon alone on any given day. This is a shocker of a story because, more so than drawing ability or technical skill, the chief criteria is the extent to which relations between company and inductee are amicable.

Jarrett was never a draw - "he broke a thousand guitars, but never drew a dime" - but he was an exceptional midcard worker in his own right throughout the 1990s, wrestling one of the best WWF matches of the decade opposite Shawn Michaels at In Your House 2. He also evolved into a choice character wrestler in the Attitude Era, as an involuntarily hysterical misogynist. If he'd only recognised his lot, and not tried to promote himself as a main event talent in the ensuing 60 years - and not promoted pyramid schemes - fans may receive him with the warmth his body of work warrants.

Still, Jarrett held McMahon to a six-figure ransom in 1999, before departing for WCW. Two long years later, and he still hated Jarrett in 2001 as much as he loves Roman Reigns now.

On the crazy HOF scale of Triple H (0) to Chris Benoit (10), this is a 7, at least.

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