Jim Cornette To Induct Rock 'N' Roll Express Into WWE Hall Of Fame 2017

Did you ever think you'd see Cornette back on WWE programming?

Jim Cornette Hall Of Fame

Although it makes perfect sense from a career standpoint, the man chosen to induct the Rock n' Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame has taken the wrestling world by surprise.

That's because Jim Cornette, one of the most outspoken, voracious critics off all things WWE - and modern professional wrestling in general - as well as sworn rival to current WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn - one of wrestling's more polarizing figures... is the man who will induct Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson to this year's Hall Of Fame class in Orlando.

As the manager of The Rock n' Roll Express' biggest rivals The Midnight Express, Cornette was the tennis-racket wielding, spoiled mama's boy heel who, along with his charges of Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey and later Stan Lane, served as their arch-nemeses. The six men drew tons of money together all over America, primarily in the south under Jim Crockett Promotions, and there's no one more fitting to give the induction.

The fact that WWE is willing to let the man who has burned more bridges than an outmanned, retreating WW2 platoon appear on stage at one of their events is quite telling of how intertwined Cornette's involvement with the Express' career is. There was no-one better to do this job.

Acknowledging the unexpected nature of the choice, Cornette himself tweeted:

Don't forget... Jim Cornette is appearing for What Culture Pro Wrestling's debut in the United States at State Of Emergency on April 1st at the Orlando Sports Center. You can meet Jim Cornette JUST ONE DAY after he inducts The Rock 'n' Roll Express into WWE Hall Of Fame 2017.

Tickets available here - wc.pw

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