Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler Reuniting For WWE Raw 25th Anniversary?

'King' says he's "99.9% certain."

Jim Ross Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are yet to reunite since the former returned to WWE earlier this year, but that could be about to change.

As per Lawler on his Dinner With the King Podcast, the venerated Attitude Era duo could be set to do commentary on the 25th Anniversary episode of Raw, which takes place on January 22nd.

'King' stated that he's "99.9% certain that J.R. and [me] will be reunited," adding that they'll likely be paired together for the Manhattan Center portion of the show. The episode is set to broadcast from two separate locations, with Brooklyn's Barclays Center hosting the rest of the action, so having an individual team for each would make sense.

J.R. re-signed with WWE in April. WrestleMania 33 was his first appearance in over three years, and he has since worked a handful of further dates, though a full-time role doesn't appear to be on the cards. Lawler, meanwhile, only makes periodic appearances these days, with much of his work restricted to panel shows.

Raw's 25th Anniversary will be an extremely nostalgic evening. Putting the company's most iconic announce team back together makes perfect sense, even if it's for one night only.

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