John Cena Announced As Final Member Of SmackDown's Survivor Series Team

Shane McMahon broke the news on Twitter today.

Further proving #SDLive is the superior brand, I'm happy to announce @JohnCena will be the 5th member of Team Smackdown at #SurvivorSeries.

— Shane McMahon (@shanemcmahon) 8 November 2017

Over the past day, the upcoming Survivor Series event has became a whole lot more interesting.

In addition to AJ Styles' title victory over Jinder Mahal rubbing the 'Modern Day Maharaja' out of his penciled match with Brock Lesnar, SmackDown GM Shane McMahon took to Twitter earlier to announce the final member of his blue-branded quintet.

And it's none other than John Cena.

The 16 time WWE champ was originally slated to don the black and white stripes as official for the Mahal-Lesnar encounter, but with that match updated (and upgraded) to include AJ Styles, it no longer needs the added spice of the 'Face that Runs the Place'.

In his Twitter reveal, the CEO's son boasted that Cena's inclusion proves the Tuesday night show to be the superior brand. John's return to the ring comes almost two months after his defeat to Roman Reigns at No Mercy, after which his long road to retirement was mooted. Apparently, if Shane's to be believed, he's still the alpha dog in Stamford.

One interesting statistic: the match will see Cena and Kurt Angle come face to face in the ring for the first time since 2006. Angle also squared off against Randy Orton in that same year, meaning he wrestled three of Shane's five men over a decade ago. So old it's new again.

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