John Cena Returns WWE Christmas Day Raw

WWE's 'free agent' rejoined the red brand.

John Cena Christmas

John Cena will officially return to WWE on next week's Christmas Day edition of Raw, as announced on last night's show.

Rumours of this festive appearance started circulating last week, and WWE confirmed it towards the end of Raw, though there's currently no indication as to what Cena's role will be.

December 25th is going to be the 16-time World Champion's first appearance since Survivor Series, when he was a non-entity for SmackDown in the traditional men's elimination match. Prior to that, Cena was working a rivalry with Roman Reigns on Raw, leading towards their feud-ending bout at No Mercy on September 24th.

There's a chance WWE could use this appearance to announce Cena's participation in the Royal Rumble. The company officially started building towards the year's first 'big four' event on this week's show, but are yet to announce anyone other than Elias. 'Big Match John' would give the bout an early dose of star power, and should also help pop the TV rating, as this will be the first time WWE have ever aired a live show on Christmas Day.

There's no word on whether or not Cena will be in attendance for the following week's New Year's Day broadcast.

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