Kane At 20: The Big Red Machine's 20 Lamest WWE Moments

It's been hit and miss.


It's almost exactly 20 years to the day that Glenn Jacobs, having traded in his dental scrubs for a full-body suit and mask, re-debuted as Kane, helping Shawn Michaels to an unlikely WWE Championship defence over his estranged brother at Badd Blood.

His career has seen its share of peaks and troughs in the time since, but few wrestling fans (or, for that matter, any of his colleagues) have a bad word to say about the 'Big Red Machine', who - after years of service and the ability to inject a modicum of plausibility into even the most ridiculous storylines - is surely deserving of legend status.

Having said that, those ridiculous storylines? There were lots of them. In fact, Kane has perhaps been the victim of wacky angles and poor booking more than anyone else - a consequence of being, A) a committed workhorse who never complains, and B) a character with such a tortured, constantly-evolving past.

Some moments in his career have been downright lame, actually, and although many of them may have brought us to laughter at the time, they probably didn't do his chances of becoming an established main event star much good.

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