Kazuchika Okada's 10 Best Wrestling Matches

The Rainmaker has been showered with stars over the years.

k okada

To newer NJPW fans (Newer Japan Pro Wrestling?), faint knowledge of LOL TANA WINS has now become LOL OKADA WINS, as Kazuchika Okada continues to dominate the main event scene in Japan's number one promotion. Okada is extremely well protected in New Japan, to the point where some fans have begun to turn on the man known as The Rainmaker.

The majority of fans are still well behind Okada. They are joined by the most respected critics, who continue to rain stars down on the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Going by the much-adored Dave Meltzer star rating system, Okada currently averages 5.06 stars in singles matches in 2017. You read that right - in 2017, Kazuchika Okada has been better than perfect.

His last 10 singles matches come with an average Meltzer rating of 4.6 - a run that includes matches with even the fading and average likes of Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Bad Luck Fale and Togi Makabe. Kazuchika Okada has been one of wrestling's most consistent performers since his monster push began in 2012.

But what are his finest matches? If you are new to Kazuchika Okada, these 10 classics are where to start learning about The Rainmaker...


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