Kenny Omega Vs. Cody Rhodes Set For NJPW's Cow Palace Show

'The Cleaner's' first IWGP Heavyweight Title defence is confirmed.

Kenny Omega Cody Rhodes

New IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega will defend his belt against Cody Rhodes at NJPW's upcoming G1 Special In San Francisco.

The event is set to take place in the historic 12,953-capacity Cow Palace building, making it NJPW's biggest American show ever. It'll air live on AXS TV in the USA, and Cody vs. Kenny, which appears to be the main event, was made official during todays's New Japan press conference.

Omega won the promotion's top championship after a thrilling hour-long two-out-of-three falls match with Kazuchika Okada at Dominion 6.9. It was their fourth singles match in 18 months, and with each of their past encounters drawing mass critical acclaim, the duo's final battle looks set to do the same.

Rhodes and Omega have a storied history. Having previously attempted to throw the towel in on Kenny's behalf during 'The Cleaner's' second battle with Okada, Cody tried to usurp the Canadian as Bullet Club leader earlier this year. This eventually led to their first big singles match at ROH Supercard Of Honor XII, which Cody won.

Like Dominion 6.9, July 7th will see several long-term storylines intersect (and possibly conclude), though victory is a long shot for 'The American Nightmare.'

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