Kevin Owens Criticises WWE Creative After Clash Of Champions

In which Kevin Owens works the internet. Again.

Kevin Owens

Becky Lynch had an eventful night at WWE Clash of Champions 2019, with her match against Sasha Banks spiralling out of control when 'The Boss' brought steel chairs into the equation, leading, ultimately, to 'The Man' getting disqualified after accidentally hitting the referee while swinging for her opponent.

This led to WWE officials handing Lynch a $10,000 fine for her transgressions, which clearly wasn't the punishment Kevin Owens had in mind when tweeting the following during last night's pay-per-view:-

The tweet came shortly after Lynch had struck the official with the chair. Owens, of course, was "fired" from SmackDown after a special guest referee bit saw him accept Shane McMahon tapping out to Chad Gable in the King of the Ring tournament. This came just a few weeks after KO was fined $100,000 for attacking another guest official in Elias - Shane's closest ally.

So yes, Kevin Owens, WWE character, has a point when he tweets something like the above, but did he post this out of turn?

Probably not. Wrestlers are always working and KO is one of WWE's most effective social media users, though this frustration could well play into whatever comes next for him on TV.

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