Kofi Kingston Faces Gauntlet For WWE WrestleMania 35 Spot

New Day man must beat five men to earn WWE Championship shot.

Vince McMahon The New Day

Vince McMahon turned up on SmackDown this week to announced that Kofi Kingston will get his well-earned WWE Championship chance at WrestleMania 35... provided he can overcome a five-man gauntlet on next Tuesday's episode of the show.

The New Day high-flyer confronted the chairman at the close of a show to bare his soul. Though he didn't feel he was entitled to any favours, he beseeched the boss to tell him what he needed to do to get the title shot he so desperately wanted.

Callously, Vince dismissed Kofi as simply not championship material, as he has so many popular challengers in the past. You wonder why he keeps hiring them.

Nevertheless, McMahon did offer Kofi his promised 'opportunity', announcing Randy Orton as his final hurdle. And Samoa Joe. And The Bar. And Erick Rowan. If the beloved babyface can beat them all next week, he'll earn a WrestleMania 35 match opposite WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

Kingston had previously been duped into believing he'd get his big chance at this past Sunday's Fastlane, when his employer dragged him into his office to announce a triple threat on the night. Unfortunately for Kofi, it didn't involve him.

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