Lana & Bobby Lashley "Arrested" On WWE Raw

Check out the totally real and not fake WWE produced for the occasion...

Bobby Lashley Lana

Last night's WWE Raw saw the so-bad-it's-totally-high-art Bobby Lashley/Lana vs. Rusev storyline take a big twist as the heel duo were carted away in handcuffs by the Nashville Police Department.

Sort of.

It's kayfabe, obviously, but the angle played out with Lashley chastising and barging past the police officers he'd brought to the building as protection from Rusev, who attacked the former Intercontinental Champion for the second consecutive week. Lana then got in on the act, slapping one of the fake cops before getting the handcuff treatment herself.

WWE have released the following mock-up mugshots for the occasion:-

The "arrests" went down after Lashley's DQ loss to Kevin Owens, with AOP attacking 'The Prizefighter' and dragging him up the ramp. There was no follow-up on this incident anywhere on the show, though KO has since filled in the gaps:-

2019 NASCAR Series Cup winning Kyle Busch also became 24/7 Champion on the show, only to lose the belt to R-Truth later on.

Other than the above, a pretty uneventful Raw all-round. Not a single match has been announced for next week's TLC 2019 pay-per-view yet. One would assume Lashley vs. Rusev is in the works, though.

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