Lars Sullivan Suffers Potentially Serious Injury

The Freak's disastrous main roster run continues.

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan has suffered a knee injury, the extent to which has worsened from the original diagnosis.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, his match against Matt Hardy was pulled from this week's SmackDown Live after he suffered the injury the night prior. "It’s said to be minor and he’s expected back in a few days," Dave Meltzer wrote in this week's edition. However, in a subsequent daily update, Meltzer reports that the knee injury is "worse than originally believed", but "There are no definitive details until he undergoes an MRI." Sullivan is not scheduled for Monday's RAW.

Author's note:

The latest chapter in a disastrous story, Sullivan can perhaps take grim solace in the fact that he has hardly lost any momentum. If anything, this might yet compel WWE to reset the push entirely and, just a thought, not book a monster to sell for prolonged periods opposite men half his size. The nature of the injury is cause for significant long-term concern. Larger athletes, through their very frame, place serious pressure on their knees. Knee injuries in themselves are difficult to overcome.

It's a good job Sullivan, recently fined $100,000, will be covered by employer-sponsored healthcare.

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