Lucha Underground Season 4 To Begin Taping This Week - Full Details

Big changes for the cult promotion.

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Three months after the show's last episode hit the airwaves, Lucha Underground will begin filming their fourth season this Friday night (February 23rd), and there are some big changes coming for the cult promotion.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the tapings will move from 'The Temple' at the original shooting location in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. They're shifting to a larger warehouse elsewhere in the city in order to sell more tickets and save on rent, thus increasing revenue and cutting costs.

Financial considerations come into play elsewhere, too. LU is operating under a tighter budget this time, and plan on having their roster based in LA for the entire five-week shooting period. Matches will be shot from Friday through Saturday and wrestlers will stick around to film vignettes midweek.

There's currently no word on which wrestlers will return for season four. Prince Puma (Ricochet) obviously won't be, as he signed for WWE in January, though the likes of Pentagon and Fenix are expected to be there. Still, with the company slashing costs and widespread internal dissent at LU's restrictive seven-year contracts, personnel changes are to be expected.

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