Lucha Underground's 34 Wrestlers - Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking every competitor from season one of Lucha Underground.

Ever since it debuted nearly one year ago in October of 2014, Lucha Underground has been, arguably, the best wrestling show on television. That's due, in part, to the incredible production value of the show, and the gritty, stylized, even noirish feel of the universe it establishes, but the performers are great as well. With its considerable production costs, Lucha Underground couldn't exactly afford to pull a TNA and hire any and all former WWE performers they can in hopes of attracting a mainstream audience. Instead, LU opted to assemble a truly eclectic roster of Tough Enough competitors, West Coast indy standouts, AAA luminaries, and, yes, a few WWE expatriates, but only those that fit into the milieu that they've strived to create. Each of these wrestlers has been rated based upon their in-ring skills, their character/gimmick work, and their overall performance throughout season one of Lucha Underground. A few basic notes before we begin: 1) Regular teams that have always competed as such are rated as teams only, while teams that have notably completed individually are rated on their own with team accomplishments taken into consideration. 2) Wrestlers who have switched gimmicks or identities at some point during the season are listed as their initial identity, with later accomplishments also noted. 3) NPCs -- managers, announcers, officials, and all other non-competitor characters -- are disqualified from consideration, mostly because if they weren't I'd be forced to list Dario Cueto 33 times. That guy is pure gold.


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