Macho Man Randy Savage's 10 Best Matches Ever

The Madness knew greatness, and greatness knew The Madness.

Before Shawn Michaels gained the honorific, "Mr. WrestleMania" was a name that belonged to Randy Savage. There was no better performer in WWE in the 1980s than the Macho Man, and one could argue in all of wrestling. Nobody blended physical acting, precise timing, maximum intensity, primal athleticism, and spellbinding oration like the Sarasota, FL native.

What makes Savage unique is his extensive resume of matches that are considered anywhere from "great" to "excellent", and yet he's not what one might consider a crisp technician. Savage's greatness between the ropes drew upon line-blurring reality, whether he was face or heel. Very rarely would even a cynical observer watch a Randy Savage match and "see the strings". Whether he was the punisher or the punishee, Savage easily had the most realistic and engrossing matches of any show he was on. The kinetic energy of "Macho Madness" was gripping.

Boiling down Savage's finest works into a list of ten was a challenge. Sure, there are some obvious picks, but there are also shiny gems among the forgotten rough, some that don't get the due that others have. With Memphis, Madison Square Garden, and other places besides pay-per-view steeped with their own Macho memories, one can only better understand just how talented Macho Man Randy Savage really was. Ten items made this list - apologies to the several dozen that just missed.

Here are, in one man's opinion, the ten greatest matches featuring Macho Man Randy Savage.


Justin has been a wrestling fan since 1989, and has been writing about it since 2009. Since 2014, Justin has been a features writer and interviewer for Fighting Spirit Magazine. Justin also writes for History of Wrestling, and is a contributing author to James Dixon's Titan series.