Major Update On AJ Styles' WWE Status For Royal Rumble

We have now have it confirmed whether or not Styles will be in attendance.

The biggest talk in the wrestling world as we head into this Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble is whether or not former IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will be competing or appearing on the show. It has now been confirmed that Styles will in fact be in the building on Sunday evening. According to a report from Mike Johnson at PWInsider, Styles is confirmed to attend the Rumble on Sunday in Orlando, Florida. It's not known whether or not he will actually appear in front of the cameras, and it could indeed be a last minute decision type of a deal if he does compete in the Rumble, but Styles will be there backstage as a member of WWE for the very first time. Styles is also reportedly booked for Monday's RAW in Miami and Tuesday's SmackDown tapings in Tampa. While we can't confirm 100% that he will be used in front of the crowd at RAW and SmackDown, it would seem that it's a pretty good bet that he will. For Styles to come to three televised live events in a row, not to mention on three straight days, it would be pretty unprecedented for him to not actually begin working in front of the cameras during that time period. However, this is WWE and plans frequently change. Styles will make his final independent wrestling appearance on Saturday evening in Duluth, GA for Ring of Honor Wrestling. At that event, Styles is expected to make a public farewell to the fans in attendance as he embarks on his new run with WWE. Styles is not booked to wrestle on the ROH show, and he will travel from Georgia to Orlando following the event to attend the Royal Rumble the very next day.
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