Marty Scurll Signs ROH Contract To Become Head Booker

'The Villain' has FINALLY nailed his wrestling future down.

Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll is no longer a free agent, having signed a new contract to stick with current employers Ring of Honor in a sensational deal that will also see him become the promotion's head booker.

PWInsider broke the news last night, stating that Scurll will replace Hunter 'Delirious' Johnston as the man with the pencil, though his predecessor will remain with the promotion in some kind of creative capacity. Johnston had held the head booker's position since replacing current WWE man Adam Pearce in August 2010.

Per the writeup, Scurll took on his new role this weekend. There's no word on how long he has re-signed for, though at least two years seems likely, given that ROH has been inking wrestlers to multi-year contracts lately.

Marty's new deal also allows him to take select outside bookings. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer has called it "the largest contract in ROH history," while Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin claims the following:-

In other words, 'The Villain' just scored himself a sweet, sweet contract.

The head booker appointment is particularly interesting. It's hard to guess how Scurll will perform in this role, though a change was long overdue for ROH, which, by every available metric, is a company in decline. Let's see if the Englishman can help turn them around.

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