Matt Riddle And Jeff Cobb Rumoured For NJPW World Tag League

Two indie sensations to take part in New Japan's next big tournament?

Matanza Cueto
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Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb may have punched their ticket to New Japan Pro Wrestling, not as singles competitors, but as a tag team. Dave Meltzer, reporting today through Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has stated that Cobb and Riddle will likely be joining NJPW for the World Tag League, set to take place later this year. Meltzer went on to speculate that Riddle especially could play a major role in NJPW in the future, perhaps going on to next year's G1.

For those unfamiliar with their work, Matt Riddle is PROGRESS Wrestling's Atlas Champion, and has been dubbed Rookie of the Year for his seamless transition into pro wrestling from his MMA career. Jeff Cobb, a former Olympic wrestler, plays Mantanza Cueto on Lucha Underground and has wowed audiences the world over with his strength and athleticism. Both men are leading the voting for next BOLA winner, but beyond that, their future may lie in Japan.

In PWG, Riddle and Cobb casually team as The Chosen Bros, combining their elite combat-sport skills as well as their chilled personalities. This pairing may be what brings Riddle and Cobb to New Japan Pro Wrestling, as preparations begin for their next heavyweight tournament.

Following the overall success of this year's G1 Climax, NJPW don't want that momentum to drift away as they build to Wrestle Kingdom 12. They only host a handful of big events between now and January, but one where they can continue to build hype is in the World Tag League.

It is here that we may see Cobb and Riddle's introduction to New Japan. Both men have incredibly bright futures as singles competitors, but this may be the perfect way to showcase their skills to a new audience. The Chosen Bros should even be considered early favourites to win the tournament, given the expected absence of two-time winner Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma) due to Honma's injury.

Riddle and Cobb could take their brand of wrestling to any company in the world, so for them to potentially set their sights on New Japan Pro Wrestling is an incredibly exciting prospect.

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