More Main Roster Superstars Return To NXT

Could we see more reverse call-ups soon?

Killian Dain WWE

Killian Dain and Apollo Crews returned to NXT at the most recent set of TV tapings, leading to speculation that we could see more "reverse call-ups" in the near future.

Tyler Breeze arguably has been the catalyst for this change, after he returned to NXT in order to challenge The Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship at NXT TakeOver: XXV, but these latest developments suggest this could become a regular occurrence, much to the delight of fans.

Triple H has suggested in the past that he would be open to the idea of underutilised main roster talent coming over to NXT to face the developmental stars, and it appears that he may finally be getting his wish.

Killian Dain attacked Matt Riddle post-match to potentially build a feud between the two heading to NXT TakeOver: Toronto II over SummerSlam weekend. Apollo Crews meanwhile faced one of the latest NXT signings, the highly-talented Kushida, losing via submission.

Dain appears to have fully transitioned back to the NXT roster, whereas Crews' situation is less clear, with some speculating it was a one-off appearance whilst others claim this was an experiment that may well lead to an NXT return for him.

Fandango also made a long-awaited return at the NXT tapings too, saving his partner Tyler Breeze from a post-match beatdown at the hands of The Forgotten Sons.

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