Nature Boy Versus Macho Man: Who Said It - Ric Flair Or Randy Savage?

Which of the intense (possibly insane) promo kings of the eighties said which killer line?

One’s the dirtiest player in the game, the NWA’s mainstay throughout a tumultuous decade of upheaval in the North American pro wrestling landscape. The other is the purveyor of macho madness himself, one of the wrestlers who helped make the WWE what it is today.

Both men are widely regarded as two of the best workers and performers of all time, but ’the Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and ’the Macho Man’ Randy Savage don’t have a huge amount in common.

Intense and obsessive, Savage preferred to choreograph alongside his opponent step by step, crafting the perfect wrestling match hours, days, sometimes weeks in advance. As colourful a playboy outside the ring as he was inside, Flair liked to play everything in life by ear, able to work an hour-long broadway with someone he’d just met: drunk, sober or hungover to hell.

It’s not in the ring but on the stick where you can really see the similarities between the two. Infamous - notorious - for their gonzo, mesmerising promos, Flair and Savage represent the high water mark for mic work in the sport, part of a select group of men and women who could sell water to whales.

Their best interviews are part of the pro wrestling lexicon… but can you tell the difference, given some of their lesser known lines?

Pop quiz, hotshot - who said it? ’The Macho Man’ or ’the Nature Boy’?

1. I Like To Rock N' Roll - Don't Wrap Me Up!

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