Neville Close To Wrestling Return?

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Dave Meltzer reports in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Neville, in a tidbit that contradicts WWE’s stance that he is “free and clear to work anywhere he wants”, “can’t accept dates yet but will be able to very soon”.

Meltzer does not elaborate on which promoters have contacted him - only that they, plural, have - but really, a performer of his renown and diverse skill-set could feasibly work anywhere.

New Japan Pro Wresting is best-positioned to offer him the best financial package, and having booked him favourably prior to his WWE run (albeit briefly), it seems likely that a return is on the cards. With Hiromu Takahashi out of action until 2019, there is an open spot in New Japan’s Junior Heavyweight division - which, unlike 205 Live, is promoted with major card-level conviction. As a Junior, as opposed to a Cruiserweight, Neville’s profile could soar as high as he does.

Of course, Neville’s thick physique may allow him to realistically enter the Heavyweight ranks - though traditionally, this follows a mettle-testing storyline run in a promotion that treats weight discrepancies as a critical narrative device.

Ireland’s OTT is booking dream matches with an eye-opening frequency; Ring Of Honor arguably needs a flashy performer to keep up with the competition; Impact Wrestling is on the rise…

Neville could work anywhere - and he’s about to turn up somewhere imminently.

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