New Details On Goldberg's WWE Super ShowDown Deal REVEALED

What did it take to convince Goldberg to travel to Saudi Arabia?

Goldberg Super ShowDown

Bill Goldberg had a rough night at WWE Super ShowDown, not only because he lost to The Undertaker, but also because of the manner of the defeat.

The two veterans were en route to a fun shock-and-awe scrap a la Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 until the former Universal Champion's head crashed into the ring post after a missed spear. Dangerous levels of sloppiness took over from there, with both wrestlers dropped on their heads, and a major botch forcing 'Taker into an impromptu Chokeslam finish.

It was the first time Goldberg had competed in over two years, and could now be the last. As far as what it took to get him there goes, Fightful have reported that one of the 52-year-old's conditions for travelling was that WWE flew his wife and son out to Jeddah so that they could attend the event - and they did.

It's a shame Goldberg vs. Undertaker panned out the way it did, as Bill generally comes across as a likeable family man with understandable motivations, and apologised for the bout's quality soon after Super ShowDown had gone off the air. Regardless, at least his son got to see him wrestle again.

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