New Details On WWE's Ultimate Deletion Match

Woken Matt's plan is coming together.

matt hardy bray wyatt

The Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt 'Ultimate Deletion' match is coming to WWE, with the company filming the action at the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina yesterday afternoon (as per PWInsider).

According to the write-up, referee Shawn Bennett was sent to officiate the mayhem. Jeremy Borash, who was instrumental in producing much of Hardy's 'Broken' content in TNA, was on site to work on the shoot, though there's no word on whether or not WWE brought any other talents along.

The company are yet to announce when the Ultimate Deletion will air, but this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests an episode of Raw, rather than at WrestleMania 34.

Hardy has been teasing the contest for weeks. He has struggled since adopting the Woken character, and his Elimination Chamber bout with Wyatt drew little acclaim, but after becoming a viral sensation with 2016's Final Deletion, this could be the tonic required to revived the gimmick.

With Jeff Hardy recently cleared to return from injury, there's a chance we could see Brother Nero feature in the match. There's currently no word on Vanguard 1, Queen Rebecca, or other Broken Universe characters, but several featured in a vignette on this week's Raw.

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