NJPW Discipline Tama Tonga For Social Media Conduct

The volatile Firing Squad man was suspended from Twitter last week.

Tama Tonga Kenny Omega

New Japan Pro Wrestling's Tama Tonga is to be disciplined for "inappropriate conduct including SNS (social networking services) usage," the company have announced on their English language website.

In a brief statement, NJPW claim that they intend on "issuing updated guidelines to all wrestlers," though there's no word on what these may entail. The promotion offer no word on what specific sanctions Tonga will face, either.

Tama's Twitter account has been a hive of volatility lately, with the 36-year-old regularly resorting to abuse when replying to fans. This saw him suspended from the platform for a brief period last week. He has since returned, but a quick scan of his timeline should make the decision to discipline him understandable.

As the Firing Squad, Tonga, his brother Tanga Loa, and Bad Luck Fale have spent the past few weeks disrupting the G1 Climax tournament with constant interferences, but things took a turn for the worse on the 5 August show. Tonga put hands on a fan who, according to NJPW insider WH Park, wasn't a plant, which could play into any disciplinary action.

Tama is set to wrestle Kota Ibushi on tomorrow's G1 show. It's unclear whether or not this will now be affected, though we await further updates.

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