NJPW G1 Climax 2019 Night 3 (July 14) - A BLOCK: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

KENTA kicks down another door, kicks on in the G1, and kicks the sh*t out of The Ace...


Through no fault of the organisation, NJPW risked falling afoul of wrestling content exhaustion ahead of the third evening of the G1 Climax kicking off in Ota-ku, Tokyo, in spite of the fact that they were getting in first.

A Western expansion in recent years has elevated the tournament to a higher profile than ever before, but with only two nights covered ahead of A Block's second showing, they found themselves competing with one of the busiest nights of the wrestling year on what will surely go down as the most loaded non-WrestleMania weekend of 2019.

NJPW loyalists still mourning Kenny Omega's exit could wait a while to see him go to war with CIMA on All Elite Wrestling's Fight For The Fallen. Those craving spotfest matches missing from the lack of Junior Heavyweight content were sure to have their thirsts quenched by half of the undercard on the Evolve 10th Anniversary card counter programming AEW on the WWE Network. Anybody missing iconic Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura had only to tune into the Extreme Rules Kickoff show to... well, there was a lot of wrestling anyway.

The A Block warriors were thankfully up to the challenge, delivering the best all-round show of the tournament thus far, and with it a healthy reminder to all the opposing companies that the "King Of Sports" moniker adorning the logo remains key to the values of the product.


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