NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

NXT wins the weekend (again).

Dew McIntyre Takeover Brooklyn

It's sadly not too surprising that NXT's mere two-hour TakeOver show ended up being decidedly more satisfying, entertaining and consistent than the entire six-hour SummerSlam broadcast, with its five-match card delivering long-awaited title changes, surprising retains, and an absolute barn-stormer of an opening bout that lit a fire under the Brooklyn crowd.

No, the show wasn't full of wall-to-wall classics, but every single match was at least very good if not great, and more to the point, the talent were actually treated with the respect they deserved, not turned into weird, passive-aggressive punch-lines because of backstage politics and nonsensical booking (again, looking at you, SummerSlam).

With two huge title changes opening up wide new possibilities and the single title retained raising one huge question for fans, it's safe to say that NXT's future continues to look incredibly bright indeed, even with certain talents clearly gearing up to head off to the main roster...


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