NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2018: Full Results

NXT TakeOver WarGames Shayna Baszler Kairi Sane 2018

Aleister Black eventually overcame Johnny Gargano in another great match, which saw both competitors trade vicious blows, culminating in a sick spot during which Black thwarted a Gargano suicide dive with a knee to the face. The Dutchman finally won with the Black Mass, having first failed to call a pleading Johnny Wrestling's bluff when he asked to put him out of his misery.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa withstood the test of Velveteen Dream in an absolutely scintillating showdown when he dropped the challenger with a draping DDT to the steel partition between the rings. The match - easily Dream's best to date - was a rollercoaster of high-spots and near-falls, featuring a rolling DDT to exposed concrete, a super dangerous elbow to a prone Ciampa on the apron, and Mauro Ranallo getting hilariously clocked in the face. What's more, Dream was dressed like Hollywood Hogan. It was brill.

The night's main event had quite a job getting the crowd warmed up again after that spectacle, and it just about managed it. Carnage assembled in the double rings, with the Staples Center witness to some ludicrous spots including a huge splash through a table from the second ring's ropes by Hanson, what can only be described as a pyramid powerbomb off the cage, and a double moonsault by Ricochet - the first of its kind on WWE TV. The War Raiders were the last men standing - just about - when a double pin by Pete Dunne and Ricochet on Adam Cole finally put The Undisputed Era away. Phew!

Survivor Series' card is looking pretty tasty, but it's going to have to invent whole new flavours of deliciousness to even hope to match tonight's TakeOver. The best in NXT's history? It just may have been...

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