One Of Impact's Current Stars Was On WWE's Raw Reunion

... and he did absolutely nothing.


A phalanx of veterans made the trip to Tampa for last night's Raw Reunion extravaganza - and one of Impact Wrestling's current, actual superstars was secreted amongst them.

Rob Van Dam, who just two weeks ago fell to Moose at his parent company's Slammiversary special, was on hand to surprise Sami Zayn as he tried to escape during his match opposite Rey Mysterio. He was, for no apparent reason, joined on the ramp by Sgt. Slaughter, Hurricane Helms and Kurt Angle (we've racked our heads trying to deduce some unifying theme between these men besides 'they're all wrestlers').

With nowhere to run, Zayn was forced to return to the ring, where he was caught by Rey's 619. RVD, the only legend on the show with his working boots on - and emerging in full ring gear - followed his buddy in delivering his patented frog splash to the defeated Canadian.

Given his Impact status, it's a wonder WWE didn't humiliate RVD; that they showcased him highlights the extent to which the Torontonian company has faded from relevance (despite being actually decent at the moment). Heck, given what good nick he was in, we wouldn't be surprised to see him back on SmackDown before long.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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