Owen - Hart Of Gold DVD Review: 14 Things You Should Know

Arguably WWE's most controversial DVD set ever.

The upcoming €˜OWEN - Hart Of Gold€™ is WWE€™s most controversial DVD / Blu Ray release of the year.

Available from December 7th, the biggest selling point is the first ever long form profile of Owen Hart by the company since his death in 1999, which for many WWE fans €“ particularly the internet wrestling community €“ will make the DVD an interesting one.

Since Hart tragically died from the accident at the Over The Edge PPV in 99, Owen€™s wife Martha has taken legal action to try to prevent the company from releasing any action figures, DVDs or any other merchandise bearing his likeness. Earlier this year, WWE decided to go ahead and produce a feature DVD set on the star without his widow€™s approval.

I was concerned about watching this documentary because I€™ve always felt that Martha should have the right to OK this project and without her blessing it feels a little exploitative to me. In saying that, I think the documentary is enjoyable for the most part, which makes it difficult to look at the set objectively, given the controversial extenuating circumstances.

Having received an early review copy, I can say that it covers Owen€™s career in depth and you walk away remembering how huge a part he was of the WWF€™s New Generation Era in the mid-1990€™s. With interviews from a wide range of WWE names who worked with Owen, from The New Age Outlaws and Scott Hall to Mick Foley Edge, there€™s a lot of great Owen memories being shared by his peers.

There's a lot going on in this DVD and ahead of it's release I have come up with 14 things you should know about, offering some quotes, insight, analysis and a final verdict along the way.


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