10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Jan 8)

Which top star absolutely loved the finale of King Of The Ring 1994?

8 Jan 2016 Jamie Kennedy


John Cena Injury Surgery Is A Success [Photos]

Thumbs up from the surgeon!

8 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert


Sasha Banks Has Undisclosed Injury?

Could Sasha Banks be the latest WWE Superstar to be struck by the curse?

8 Jan 2016 Ross Tweddell


11 Most Underrated Wrestling Tag Teams That Were Short Lived

Yes, a team of Hall of Famers that held four major titles at the same time ARE underrated.

8 Jan 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


Nikki Bella Could Miss WWE WrestleMania 32 After Surgery

Former Divas champion to join John Cena on the sidelines for Mania?

8 Jan 2016 Ross Tweddell

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WWE SummerSlam 1998: 8 Observations From The Rock Vs Triple H

A career-defining showdown for the ages.

8 Jan 2016 Luis Vasquez


10 Forgotten WWE Match Types

Remember these classics?

8 Jan 2016 Matt Davis


7 Pro Wrestlers Under 25 With The Brightest WWE Futures


8 Jan 2016 Kenny McIntosh


22 WTF Moments From WWE Attitude Era Raw 1998 (Jan 5)

Caskets, chainsaws, and casual racism.

8 Jan 2016 Jack G King


John Cena Vs Roman Reigns Was Original WWE WrestleMania Plan

Insider news on plan after Seth Rollins was injured.

8 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert


Update On The Rock Wrestling At WWE WrestleMania 32

He's there, but is he competing?

8 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert


10 Best Ways To Fix WWE In 2016

2016 could be a turning point for WWE if they follow a few simple rules.

8 Jan 2016 Mike Shannon

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Daniel Bryan Wants WWE To Clear Him For NJPW Signings

Bryan is ready.

8 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert


WWE NXT Spoilers For The Next Four Weeks

The first WWE NXT television tapings of 2016 are in the books.

8 Jan 2016 Ryan Droste


NXT Kids: WWE Tapes New Children Centered Show

A kids-themed NXT show is likely coming to the WWE Network.

8 Jan 2016 Ryan Droste

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Dixie Carter Claims WWE Are Trying To Sign TNA Wrestlers

Isn't it supposed to be TNA signing former WWE Superstars?

7 Jan 2016 Ross Tweddell


10 Replacements For John Cena Vs The Undertaker At WrestleMania 32

Who will the WWE Phenom face at WrestleMania?

7 Jan 2016 Grahame Herbert


7 Most Notorious Randy Savage Urban Legends

Did he and Hogan really make up before his death?

7 Jan 2016 Jamie Kennedy


WWE What Just Happened - John Cena Injured For 6-9 Months!

We're a couple of injuries away from Big Show vs Fandango main eventing WrestleMania 32!

7 Jan 2016 Matt Holmes


100 Worst Wrestling Moments Of 2015

The year fans decided they just couldn't take it anymore.

7 Jan 2016 Andrew Soucek