Paige Pulled From WWE Tour Following Injury

The former Divas Champion will undergo x-rays later this week.

Paige WWE Raw

Paige has been pulled from the remainder of this week's WWE live event tour, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer.

The news came just 24 hours after it was announced that the Absolution leader had suffered a neck injury while wrestling Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James in Uniondale, New York. She will soon undergo x-rays and a full evaluation to determine the injury's severity, with WWE taking her off the road as a precautionary measure, though it has been suggested that she may not miss much TV time.

Paige suffered the injury after taking a stiff kick from Banks. The bout was halted, and the former Divas Champion was checked by medics, but she ended up leaving without the aid of a stretcher (though she was assisted by a trainer). Paige was also seen at the hotel bar after the show, with Meltzer stating "she was okay" on Wrestling Observer Radio earlier in the week.

A fan video of the incident leading to the injury has also surfaced:-

We'll likely hear more on Paige's situation once her test results come to light, but with Absolution surging, here's hoping she's set for a swift recovery.

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