Potential Spoilers On WWE's Women's Royal Rumble 2019 Winner

Who will score the ultimate victory on 27 January?

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Royal Rumble

WWE's second women's Royal Rumble is now less than a fortnight away (27 January), and it looks like the company are down to two potential winners.

Per the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, one of Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair will win the bout, leading to the rumoured WrestleMania 35 Triple Threat main event with Ronda Rousey.

Neither Flair nor Lynch has been confirmed for the Rumble yet. Charlotte's announcement could come on SmackDown tomorrow night, as she lost a number one contender's match with Lynch and Carmella the previous week. Becky, meanwhile, is set to challenge for Asuka's SmackDown Women's Championship on the night, so her inclusion would require some reorganisation.

One rumour is that Asuka will defeat Lynch via Rousey's interference, leading to Becky attacking Carmella (who's set to enter at number 30), taking her spot, then winning the Rumble. If the women's over-the-top battle royal goes last, this would see the show close on a huge crowd-pleasing moment.

A Lynch victory followed by her challenging Ronda, then Flair backdooring her way into the WrestleMania 35 makes great sense, and would be in-line with each women's character direction. Still, Vince McMahon's propensity to change his mind at the drop of a hat means nothing is certain.

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