Power Ranking All 16 Competitors In The WWE UK Tournament

Who will be Pete Dunne's next big challenger?


One of the highlights of WWE in 2017 was the introduction of the UK division. A two-day tournament in January crowned Tyler Bate as the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion, after a series of highly entertaining matches against the stunning backdrop of the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool. Bate would later go on to NXT TakeOver: Chicago, losing the title against Pete Dunne in the best match of the year.

Dunne has since held the title for over twelve months and is in the hunt for a new opponent. Right on cue, WWE is set to hold another UK Tournament, starting with eight first round matches at the Download Festival from 8-10 June. The qualifiers will go on to compete at the Royal Albert Hall on 18 June, with the eventual winner earning a title shot against Dunne the next day.

Just as in the case of last year's tournament, the bracket is packed with stars who will be instantly recognisable to anyone who follows the independent wrestling circuit in Britain. The first round matches already set up a selection of incredibly interesting clashes, with many more set to follow as the tournament continues.

So let's take a look at the tournament field and see who the most likely winner will be.


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