Predicting The Next 10 First-Time Champions In WWE

Who will be next to pop their championship cherry in WWE?

Ember Moon Asuka

Traditionalists may find themselves somewhat depressed by the idea, but in 2017 it is difficult to deny - championships mean very little in today's WWE.

The belts are little more than storyline props, passed around from star to star depending on the mood of the creative team that week. To underscore this, the RAW Women's Championship has seen eight different reigns in just over a year.

But to fans and wrestlers alike, the belts do still mean something. To win a championship is to be recognised as a professional wrestler of prominence - a recognition of one's talents and importance to the promotion. Title wins may be thrown around like nobody's business in the modern age, but the road to the title shot is still extremely real.

There aren't many prominent WWE wrestlers yet to win a championship in WWE (NXT title wins included), but among the title virgins are a number of stars who can't be too far away from holding gold (or silver) for the first time. These 10 (well, 11) superstars won't have to wait too long to break their WWE championship cherry.

10. Killian Dain

Killian Dain

Did anyone expect Killian Dain to make the impact that he did at WrestleMania 33? The Beast of Belfast was a surprise entrant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, making it all the way to the final three before being eliminated by eventual winner Mojo Rawley.

Dain has been positioned as SAnitY's main threat since arriving in NXT at the beginning of this year. The Ulsterman clearly has a big future ahead of him in NXT and WWE. The safe money would be on the inaugural WCPW Champion being the breakout star of SAnitY, although it wouldn't be surprising to see Eric Young's men win tag gold sooner rather than later.

The man formerly known as Big Damo has a big future ahead of him. It is difficult to view that future without championship gold being a part of it, whether in NXT or on the main roster.


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