Predicting The Next 10 WWE Champions

Life after Jinder doesn't look bad at all...

The WWE Championship isn't in great shape at the moment. Currently around the waist of perhaps the most unconvincing title-holder in history, its credibility and prestige have been ground to dust in 2017, with pointless switches, dire storylines, and weak matches making AJ Styles' tremendous reign feel like a distant memory.

SmackDown has suffered greatly under Jinder Mahal's run, with ratings dropping to a crippling new low this week. Designed to boost WWE's popularity in India, it's having the opposite in their home market, and it'll take a while for WWE to undo the damage. Fortunately, the roster is full of top-level stars ready to grab the title and make it feel like something worth fighting for again.

WWE have plenty of options for life after Jinder, but it's hard to plot their future course. Mahal's ascension came out of nowhere, and with SmackDown branded "the land of opportunity," there's every chance they'll spring another huge surprise. High roster turnover and the company's propensity to change their mind add to the unpredictability, making a fantasy booker's job harder - but much more interesting.


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