Randy Orton Unhappy With WWE Only Selling John Cena Kids T Shirts

Trouble brewing over merchandise royalties.

Randy Orton has responded to a fan who pointed out that WWE are only selling kids T shirts with John Cena branding on at WWE Live events. Reportedly, only Cena gear is available for kids at the shows on WWE's current European tour. This is obviously unfair to the other babyface talent who also have a loyal legion of younger fans. When it comes to merchandise royalties, no wonder Cena is outperforming everyone else. "#WWEBirmingham @WWE top nite. Only issue.. y no kid size t.shirts other than @JohnCena lil man wants @RandyOrton?" @kev_jellis tweeted to Orton. The WWE Superstar then responded, "Million dollar question. Thanks for asking. #givethekidsachoice #youthsmallmedlg." The fact Orton responded is indicative of how unhappy he must be with this situation. His choice of words is also very deliberate, with "million dollar question" hinting at the fact that Cena is getting to make a lot more money via WWE's merchandise management. This is surely a gripe that will echo through the locker room. Some performers don't even have a t-shirt assigned to them. Others do, but then don't even see it sold at live events. It as if WWE are positioning Cena to sell more shirts, which in turn hurts the other performers who also want to earn more royalties from merchandise. It is true that Cena is the most popular star with kids, so extra Cena merchandise is a good idea to stock up on. But how can WWE not think it would be a good idea to stock extra kids merchandise for the other big babyfaces like Randy Orton? The european tour is always a lucrative one, but it sounds like trouble could be brewing in regards to merchandise payoffs.
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