Ranking All 9 Former ROH World Champions Who Came To WWE

Is Ring of Honor truly a stepping stone for success in WWE?

Ring of Honor

Ten years ago, it would have been unfathomable to think someone the size of CM Punk or Daniel Bryan would ever amount to anything in WWE, likely to be looked over for the more larger-than-life likes of John Cena, Batista, and Roman Reigns. But the landscape has drastically changed since then.

In 2016 alone, WWE recruited several stars from across the independent scene who wouldn't have gotten a second look a decade earlier. While very few of them fit the mold of a typical WWE Superstar, that doesn't at all mean they won't be successful on WWE's main stage. Moreover, a number of them have roots in Ring of Honor, an organization known for feeding future stars to WWE.

The ROH World Championship is the company's most prestigious prize, and thus it comes as no surprise that many men who have held that title in the past decade and a half have since traveled to WWE. But what are the chances that potential prospects such as Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, and Kyle O'Reilly will flourish under the bright lights? Let's look at all nine former ROH World champions who have come to WWE and the level of success they have experienced.


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