Ranking Every 2018 WWE PPV From Worst To Best

A great year for WWE PPVs, but how do they compare to each other?


While WWE have spent the past few weeks actively acknowledging Raw's awfulness, the company's 2018 pay-per-views fared significantly better than their ailing TV product.

This was a strong year for PPVs. A couple of duds aside, they regularly delivered awesome action, particularly in the final quarter, during which all but one controversial exception hit the mark. Were any of these events perfect? No, but you're never going to get tens from such a scatterbrained creative department, though these events did produce countless incredible highs destined to be replayed on highlight packages forever.

We'll look back on this year of pay-per-views with fondness (because net quality levels were generally high) and frustration (no matter how much you enjoyed yourselves on Sundays, WWE regularly found ways to screw it up on Monday). Such is the life of a modern WWE consumer. All we can do is hope Vince McMahon's 'shake up' promise was sincere, and that 2019's incredible PPVs aren't immediately sullied.

These 15 shows were ranked solely on their subjective quality, with no consideration for any other factors. Thus, your own rankings may vary greatly. Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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