Ranking EVERY Single-Named WWE Superstar From Worst To Best

Looking For Erik.


Casting himself as the babyface equivalent of his own father-in-law, Triple H has advanced from being merely the ‘King Of Kings’ to the heir to wrestling’s real throne.

Sadly - and much unlike his old in-ring career - his influence will only stretch so far. To dismantle the master's house, he’s got to use the master's tools (and that’s one of the kinder assessments of Baron Corbin you’re likely to read on this site), and naming conventions are just some of the hurdles his “NXT kids” may have to stumble over by themselves.

It’s the WWE Experience. Or it was for the War Raiders at least - their main roster ascension came with a name change that completely overwhelmed their debut.

The reaction to 'The Viking Experience' was such that it was uncharacteristically adjusted by the company the following weekend. The Viking Raiders represented a compromise of sorts, but the half of wrestling Twitter that hadn't ever seen TNA were on to their next target by then anyway. The former Bobby Roode became Robert, triggering yet more panic that Adam Cole could be a commentator's cousin or that Velveteen Dream's eventual run will be a total (and tonal) nightmare.

What's in a name, really. Everybody got on board with "Triple" as a first name in the end, even if 'The Game' knocked out about seven nicknames if his first didn't suit. Will some of these solo-handled stars be afforded the same opportunity?

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