Ranking Every UK Title Change In WWE History From Worst To Best

SummerSlam '92 remains one of the most magical nights in UK wrestling history...


If asked, could you name every single WWE title change that has taken place in the United Kingdom? Include the barmy Hardcore Title and things become a bit harder. That belt was switched an insane 13 times on UK soil, and 12 of those switches came within two days of one another. Work that one out.

Generally, WWE don't book many title changes in Britain. Since the promotion first started touring the country in 1989, events in the UK have been treated more as one-off special occasions than regular shows. That changed when episodes of Raw and SmackDown began emanating from cities like Manchester, London, and Glasgow in 2004, but title changes remain a rarity.

25 years separate a memorable Intercontinental Title win at SummerSlam 1992 and the shocking AJ Styles WWE title win on SmackDown. Though still uncommon, quarter of a century has provided enough time for plenty of belts to swap waists on the shores of Blighty.

Some are worth talking about more than others...


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