Ranking Every WWE Grand Slam Champion From Worst To Best

1. Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan could have won literally every other title available to him WWE, and still few would have ever pegged him as a future company figurehead, brief as his reign may have eventually been. His WrestleMania ascent was like few before it, with the levels of protest from live crowds effectively forcing WWE to include him the show's topline plans despite a long-held strategy to go with a tried and tested Randy Orton/Dave Batista headliner. It would have been immaculately booked if it was remotely on purpose - the more WWE resolutely said 'No', the louder the fans shouted to the contrary.

It would be a year on from the biggest night of his career where he'd complete the Grand Slam in what proved to be his final WrestleMania as an in-ring competitor.

WrestleMania 31's Intercontinental Title Ladder Match was an entire audience's consolation prize for the 'Yes Man', but he'd not even make it to the next pay-per-view with the strap before heartbreakingly returning to the injured list. Having only re-emerged at January's Royal Rumble, it was a disparate state of affairs as most supporters began fearing the worst.

If Bryan does come back in 2018, it's not likely to be in a WWE ring based on every prognosis he's received from the company medics. That's not to say every other title won't await him should he return to the Indies.

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