Ranking Every WWE Grand Slam Champion From Worst To Best

18. John Bradshaw Layfield


Time's been awfully kind to Bradshaw's latter-day reinvention as a contemporary 'Million Dollar Man' retread, with only his p*ss-poor sojourns to the commentary desk acting as a reminder of just how flagrantly awful JBL often was to watch.

Shockingly given the WWE Title in 2004 long before he was ready for it, Layfield admittedly grew into the role well on the microphone even if his matches were only marginally better than the snoozers his 2017 equivalent Jinder Mahal assembled during his own blue brand reign of terror.

Long-tenured in the organisation as a former Hardcore and Tag Team Champion from his tough-talking Texan days, Layfield slotted into life as a reliable midcard heel following his lone stint at the top. Subsequently snatching United States and Intercontinental Titles ahead of his 2009 retirement, the former Fox News analyst assembled a trophy cabinet bigger than anybody would have ever assumed him capable of during what appeared to be the dying days of his career in 2003.

As with Mahal this year, his shocking success gave hope to most that one of Vince McMahon's brass rings may only be an unthinkable and inexplicable megapush away.

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