Ranking Every WWE Grand Slam Champion From Worst To Best

17. The Big Show


The Big Show is often considered the hugest disappointment in wrestling history, with a combination of questionable booking and a weak-willed mentality routinely conspiring to rob the giant of his place as the all-time greatest big man to ever grace the sport.

Unfair comparisons have always been made to an in-his-prime Andre The Giant, but the industry was as different then as the performers themselves. With his size, athleticism and capacity as an actor, Show perhaps should have become a bigger mainstream star for WWE, but it's hard to argue his mammoth handprints will be overlooked as fans review older footage on the WWE Network for decades to come.

His size also ensured that he'd never be too far away from a major title. Defeating Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Title in his debut match illustrated that exquisitely, but also fed Show's rapidly increasing ego. Failure to keep it in check in WWE saw him saddled with punishments and push-backs early in his career, but he was still the safest bet to hold gold in McMahon's land of the giants.

Show has scooped every existing version of the company's top prize since 1999 with the exception of the recently established Universal Title, held numerous doubles straps with Kane, Chris Jericho and others, and wore the United States and Intercontinental Titles like novelty jewellery in respective 2003 and 2012 reigns.

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