Ranking Every WWE Grand Slam Champion From Worst To Best

The Golden Generation


Coining the term in 1997 ahead of unexpectedly scooping the glory in a controversial conclusion to UK-only supercard One Night Only, Shawn Michaels dropped 'Grand Slam' into his woozy and boozy pre-match promo in yet another attempt to separate himself from the chasing pack, and especially Bret Hart.

'The Hitman' took himself, his craft and his title reigns incredibly seriously. Undeniably a trait grossly missing from the modern era's careless character presentation, the hunger for cutting edge personalities and near-the-knuckle outlaws on the cusp of the Attitude Era made his pride look dated and isolated.

Never afraid of his rival's wrath, the cocktail of incredulity, envy and frustration 'HBK' felt towards his enemy manifested itself in yet another button-pushing moment from the fearless and peerless performer. Already a five-time WWE Champion, Hart was also a two-time Triple Crown winner. These were rare achievements in 1997, and ones Michaels wasn't within touching distance of. In preparation for snaring Davey Boy Smith's vanity title, he coined the 'Grand Slam' moniker for winning the company's four major titles.

Yes, four major titles - it was a simpler time. Today, superstars trip up over pieces of tin, but the Grand Slam prize remains prestigious for the select few that have managed to hold at least one variant of a World/Tag Team Title as well as a combination of Intercontinental, United States, European and/or Hardcore Gold. Roman Reigns became the most recent on Monday, but is the 'The Big Dog' the prized pooch?

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