Ranking Every WWE Mixed Match Challenge Team From Worst To Best

It's like WCW's 'Lethal Lottery' all over again...

WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The 'Mixed Match Challenge' is a new venture by WWE designed to experiment with the rise of Facebook Watch in the United States. Meanwhile, UK fans will get the matches via WWE's own Network (Watch isn't available in the UK yet) in bite-sized chunks. It's all very curious, if only because WWE don't book much male-on-female violence these days.

Intergender wrestling is something WWE have touched on over the years, but they've never went all-in on the idea until now. It seems those in charge of coming up with combos vying for that $100,000 charity prize purse followed the same thread as WCW for their old Battle Bowl shows too.

Most of the duos seem to have been picked at random.

So, who's the most exciting tag-team in the brackets and who is a surefire bet to be eliminated in the first round and never spoken of again? We know who our money is on for the former, and it's not the bizarre pairing of Goldust and Alicia Fox...

12. Alicia Fox & Goldust

Alicia Fox Goldust

Admit it, you knew that Goldust and Alicia Fox were going to finish bottom of the pile. It's not just the thrown-together nature of their pairing that has us stumped, it's also the fact they're clearly cannon fodder for Jimmy Uso and Naomi in the opening round. Don't go into the MMC expecting a surprise winner from that match.

Goldust has been acting a little irritated by Fox in YouTube videos promoting their team. There's a father/daughter feel to things going on in there too, and it's just plain weird. OK, so Goldust has never been the most normal character around, but this is a bit odd even for him.

All we can think of is that WWE needed one more team to pad out the brackets and both Goldust and Fox happened to be kicking around catering that day.

Likelihood Of Winning: Zero.


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