Ranking EVERY WWE Royal Rumble Match From Worst To Best

Counting down each incarnation of WWE's greatest gimmick...


Before kickstarting this collection of crowded classics, let's quickly touch on those that haven't made the cut.

Though the fans (illegally) taping them deserve modicums of credit for capturing quirky footnotes in wrestling history, the 1994 house show 30-man Royal Rumbles in New York and Osaka will not be counted here because they were never intended to be seen by an audience beyond those in attendance on the night.

Similarly, a 12-man October 1987 runthrough of the eventual 1988 inaugural edition was for St Louis live event attendees only (and eventual victor One Man Gang), not all of us. Same for the March '88 20-man one won by Rick Rude. If footage exists of either, let it be for the Network's Hidden Gems section, not a critical evaluation here.

The organisation has committed several other incarnations of the match to television beyond the pay-per-view headliners over the years though. Considering how many view the Rumble as the greatest gimmick in company history, WWE themselves have occasionally been a little slapdash in preserving it.

These incarnations are very eligible, and in some cases very, very bad...


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